Get Your Child to Listen!

In the Corner. From A Home (26 watercolours)

In the Corner. From A Home (26 watercolours) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democratic Parenting ebook  is an approach to parenting that is focused on raising a generation of clear thinking children whom are motivated not by fear, doubt nor insecurity, but guided by love, good judgement and respect. The ebook contains an entire system as to how to accomplish this without using coercive, punitive or reward systems.

Democratic parenting is a system that builds trust between you and your child. Creating mutual respect. It’s a complete methodoly. Yet, it’s dynamic enough to fit into any family’s life. Using it, your child is inspired to have good judgment and clear thinking. Behavior improves as your child learns self-discipline through Natural Consequences (chapter 14). Concentration, focus and attention improves through using the methods in the ebook together.

It’s not easy to raise kids – let alone happy kids! With the pressure and challenges that come with our modern world, children face unprecedented challenges today. Yet they are quickly growing and will soon find themselves in a future that we can’t possibly imagine today. How can we best prepare our kids? This ebook helps answer this question. Watch the video below for some example of Democratic Parenting in action.

This ebook is not just for families with behavioral challenges, this ebook is for all parents. It’s a useful reference for all caregivers of children who want to raise a truly empowered next generation. Grandparents, babysitters, nannies and teachers will all find Democratic Parenting of great value and encouragement.


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