Fast Food Got You On The Run?

English: Macro photograph of coca-cola bubbles...

English: Macro photograph of coca-cola bubbles. Deutsch: Makro-Fotografie von Coca-Cola-Bläschen. Japanese: コカ・コーラの泡のマクロ写真。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good Dr. Mom understands that soda pop is bad news for health. Dr. Mom’s knows about the resulting obesity, acidic blood, acid stomach, diabetes that comes from too much sugar drinks. But there is a good side to soda, Coke in particular, if it is used as a medicine. And just lately, this old wives remedy is wowing the medical community.

There is always a ‘stomach flu‘ going around. If we could trace the recent meals consumed before the stomach bug, almost all would tie back to bad food served at a restaurant. Even fine establishments have their unfortunate secrets. Cause to effect is a fine diagnosis tool that every Dr. Mom should use each day. Who all ate the same thing? Are they all sick? Cantaloupes have become a scary fruit these days from bad publicity about contamination. Salad bars? Well, if they are crowded, food gets replaced pretty quick before it can spoil. If they are not crowded? Who knows how long the food has been waiting.

We do the best we can by word of mouth and getting familiar with our neighborhood food joints. And it does not all end at the food. Some condiments and sauce bottles have been hanging around forever and are the biggest culprits because they sneak under the radar. Even in our own homes. So, Dr. Mom, there are two wonderful weapons you can use as a first line of defense.

Firstly, activated charcoal tablets, capsules or powder. The ER uses charcoal in some instances of poisoning. Charcoal is a powerful absorbent. It can absorb toxins or other substances before the body does and yet it does not enter the blood stream so has no real effect on the body save removing stuff from it and taking it away. Charcoal is used in water filters because of these fine medical properties that leave the water pure and clean to drink. Dab some charcoal paste on a bandaid to deal with small infected ‘boo-boos’. Just be aware that charcoal stains clothing and bedding very badly but the benefits are immense.

Secondly, Coca-Cola works wonders for upset stomachs, diarrhea, gastric blockages. It’s been a well kept secret remedy that has escaped into the medical arena and the articles below will tell you more about it.


2 thoughts on “Fast Food Got You On The Run?

  1. My problem with Coca-Cola is that as soon as I drink it, I am peeing every 20mins for the next 2 hrs or so. No matter how little a sip I have. Actually it happens with most carbonated drinks, but especially I’ve noticed with Coke. Don’t know why that is. It is too bad to because I love coke.

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