Steps To Relieve Back Pain

Poor posture affecting women

Poor posture affecting women (Photo credit: Dreaming in the deep south)

There are things that play an important part in the health of your spine.

Firstly, there is posture.

Dr. Mom, I know you told them to keep their shoulders back and stand up straight. you were right. Posture should be corrected in sitting, standing, and sleeping. Start noticing posture at all times. If it is not straight, then start working on fixing it. If you sleep in a position with both hands under your pillow while you lay on your side, you can pinch a nerve in your neck if the shoulder of the arm that’s up starts to relax and leans in toward your head or neck. It would be better to lay your arm of your upper hand down on your leg while the lower hand is under your pillow. Or you can simply hug a pillow and that will open your shoulders and chest and improve your breathing as well. And if you can, buy a few different thickness of pillows for the night. Maybe use a thicker soft pillow when you lay on your side. Sometimes, if your pj top is a bit tight, the armholes can pinch the nerve in the front of your underarm and cause your fingers to go numb. Make sure your sleeping clothes or T-shirt or pajamas are loose fitting, especially around the underarms and around the top of your legs. If the tight elastic cuts off the blood supply, you will have unexplained numbness or pains in your legs and arms or hands that may be attributed to a pinched nerve in your spine but that is actually just resulting from too tight clothing. Be a Dr Mom detective and learn to logicize from cause to effect. Logic is one of the greatest medicines you can use.

The second thing on our list is the flexibility of your back
What you want to do when you notice your back goes out a lot and you experience pinched nerves, is in getting your spine back into alignment and having it flexible. If you feel a chiropractor is your best choice, by all means seek one. But think about the benefits if you could align your own back when ever you needed to. It’s not all that hard!

If you are in pain at the present, put ice or heat on the painful spot until the pain seems to lessen. Do NOT, under any circumstances exercise while any of your nerves are inflamed or swollen!

Thirdly, exercise. It is very important to strengthen your back and the surrounding muscles. This is the third step to a healthy back. Doing sit-ups is a good exercise, You do not have to do many sit-ups, only as many as you feel you can and increase as you can bear it. Take all of these things slow and at the pace of your body. Your body will let you know what it is feeling. Pain is a warning sign. Just remember… taking a pain pill is okay when you really need them. But also remember that they do not heal the problem, they only mask the warning sign but do not fix the the underlying problem.

Health is more than just eating right. One has to consider mental, environmental, and many other factors. It is not all that easy for a doctor to diagnose the complete problem and cure it, especially if it has roots in psychological issues and has gone a long time unchecked, and became a physical problem.

The fourth and last step in ‘back health’ is to start a daily stretching routine. You have seen cats and dogs stretch when they get up, try it for yourself!

The key to back health is in keeping your back actively flexible and strong, or well supported by the stomach and back muscles. You may have to find that happy medium in between, having too much strength in one area will pull out another. Each person is uniquely different in many areas. So never think what worked for someone else is going to work for you. You may have to build on someone else’s information and work it into your own, personal program.

Perhaps you could learn a little about acupressure as well to maintain your pain when it flares up. Sometimes pain can be managed by using acupressure, simply by putting pressure on certain areas of the body. But that is something you should seek a professional for help, or look for someone who is qualified in acupuncture.


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