Treasure In A Coconut

English: Coconut oil in solid state

English: Coconut oil in solid state (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suffering from CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff)? Some incredible hope shared below:

Guest post by Lynda:

When we consider brain function and brain health I think I can speak with the authority of experience. When I was 8 years old I had Polio. The Polio I had is called; ‘bulbar polio’, [polio of the brain]. This polio affected my general mental function, causing ADHD type symptoms as well as chronic fatigue, squinting of one eye, slight paralysis of the muscles in my neck and right lung. The paralysis improved after a few months, being especially visible in my eye improvement.

BUT as I reached my late 30’s I found symptoms recurring, especially with ataxia, [interrupted messages from the brain to the muscles causing weakness], in my neck, and my right lung was basically not functioning when I slept.

This problem has got worse with age, and as I found out this is common with Polio victims and is called, ‘Post-Polio Sequel’. Because of these problems I have had to find every trick in the book to keep healthy and alive.

From my early 20’s I have been studying the brain and ways to improve its function through; DIET, SUPPLEMENTS, EXERCISE.

In my early 40’s I went all out studying brain injury with related problems, especially pertaining to short term memory damage, ADHD, and Autism, and have basically never stopped in my quest to understand this traumatic disability.

The information I gleaned strengthened my belief that neurological function and cell structure in general could be altered or improved by, DIET, SUPPLEMENTS, EXERCISE. BUT it seems just as I start to get one problem in control, another symptom raises its ugly head.

According to the Post Polio Sequel Support Group’, this is the case with all the old polio victims; they either try every trick in the book, or die early.


I think of ENERGY this way; if I was rushed to hospital now, the guys of the emergency services would give me a drip, glucose and saline, and as I have seen happen, it’s almost like the paramedic gives me new life. So subsequently I “drip” some energy into myself – in my morning green tea I have; 1 teaspoon SOLE` made from Himalayan Salt and a bit of lemon for the Vitamin C, and I also have pure fruit juice for the sugar. [my morning drip]

About a year ago I however felt I needed more, possibly protein or a ‘good fat’, but without eating a meal and getting even fatter, so I thought I would try coconut oil. [Obviously only the very best quality]. [I use Extra Virgin]. I now realize that coconut oil in my morning tea helped with energy I so desperately needed with the added benefit of feeding up my brain.

It took me a long time arguing with myself trying assure myself – “was this only in my head”, to actually realize and accept that the coconut oil in my tea not only helped the ataxia in my neck, [head shaking], but it also helped my right lung to breathe better at night. I was blown away and being busy, I had no time to check the internet for backup results. I told whoever would listen about my findings, but now feel I am obligated, as a result of the article I have just read in the Saturday Newspaper, to share this knowledge.

Here is the article I read; ‘Hope stirs for dementia man’. The article tells of 68yr old man who had Alzheimer’s so badly that he could not dress himself nor go to the toilet alone. This article is the story of how Dr Mary Newport had been treating her husband with virgin coconut oil (VCO) with incredible results. She claims it got his SHORT TERM MEMORY back and functional, and helped his DEPRESSION, and that MRI scans had showed his brain had STOPPED SHRINKING. The son of the 67 yr old also contacted Keiran Clarke, professor of physiological biochemistry at Oxford University, and head of the Cardiac Metabolism Group, who gave favorable comments on Dr. Mary’s report.

This caused him in July to start giving his father one teaspoon of coconut oil twice a day and today the old man gets dressed himself and takes a minibus to a recreation center where he spends the day and returns home, through London, by himself.

The ‘experts’ believe it is the action of the tiny molecules of energy in the coconut, called ketones’ BUT I believe there is more to it.

So, anyone with SHORT TERM MEMORY DAMAGE, ADHD, AUTISM, ALZHEIMERs, DEPRESSION, ATAXIA [head bobbing up and down], would be silly not to try this.

By the way, I had my bold tested for cholesterol before I started with the coconut oil about a year ago and it was very good. Good cholesterol high and bad cholesterol low. A year after starting the coconut oil I again took my bold and it was the same, still very good. Actually my doctor said that if I was an astronaut wanting to go to the moon, this blood test would say they should let me go.

They might be right, I suppose I could make it to the moon, but the damage from the polio to my brain and nerves can never be restored, only controlled to a degree. I will still always be fighting the polio related symptoms, but possibly with a better chance of survival than those who do not know, nor try all the natural remedies available.

This information is not only for the improvement of your own health, buy also so that you can perhaps pass it on to someone else who can use it to improve their quality of life.

About Lynda:

Linda McGregor lives in South Africa with her family and shares her incredible knowledge of nature’s bountiful remedies every chance that she gets. She has made an impact on so many lives with her vast knowledge and experience and by the information that she so readily shares. When you meet her you are inspired by her determination and kindness.


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