Work The Knots Out


Massage Pierre Chaudes © Hélianthal - Office d...

Massage Pierre Chaudes © Hélianthal – Office de Tourisme de Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Photo credit: Terre et Côte Basques)

Dear Dr. Mom, Here are a few wonderful benefits of massage treatment which is a fast and first treatment in your natural “first aid kit“.


Stress is unavoidable.  It’s in the car.  It’s in the office.  It’s at home.  Stress is waiting around every corner with it’s sharp edges ready to chip away at each member of the family.  Stress heightens our blood pressure, making us irritable and tired.  It causes our bodies to lock up physical

ly, mentally and spiritually, and to feel limited in the activities we used to be able to do.  Whether we realize

it or not, stress is a significant ingredient that weighs us down.


Moms have a superpower up their sleeve – massage therapy.  Find a calm and soothing environment to let go and tune in.  To work the knots out, to replace the dull ache with vibrant mobility.  To bring someone back to a place when they felt strong and energetic. It’s seemingly too simple a solution.  How can a massage combat the negative effects of stressful situations that face us when we wake up every day?  The answer is that massage is part of the solution, and restitution happens in small steps.


Let’s talk benefits.


  • Massage improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.
  • Healthy, hearty oxygenated blood to limbs and muscles make the body happy!
  • Massage is an excellent compliment to exercise and stretching, which also promote fluid movement.
  • Massage eases tense muscles.  Have you ever had that pain in the neck and shoulders that keeps you from looking over your shoulder?  The pain that intensifies after long days and commutes? Massage can really help that.
  • Better yet, massage can keep it from coming back; it’s just a tight muscle.
  • Massage increases immune system functions.  Healthy, non-restricted blood carries antibodies to all parts of your body, and contains cells that devour the metabolic wastes.  Keep it clean and flowing!  Keep your energy levels up.  “Go ahead cold, make my day…”
  • Massage improves joint flexibility.  Tight muscles anchor joints down.  Lighten the load; decrease the tension and you’ll be doing the backstroke all the way home.
  • Massage promotes the feeling of wholeness.  Do you ever feel disconnected from the waist down?  Do you feel like your hands and feet are numb and restricted in movement?  A full body massage works closely with your energy levels, bringing back into focus that you are a complete individual from head to toe.  Get grounded!
  • Massage facilitates recovery from injury, relieves anxiety, calms the mind, brings to light self awareness, and overall feels really good…


And that’s just to name a few.  No more excuses.  A reason to avoid your well-being and simply endure the negative effects of stress does not exist.  Give a massage.  For body, mind and spirit.

Bruised muscles with and without massage

Bruised muscles with and without massage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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