Are You What You Eat?

Dear Doctor Mom,

GMOs are scary …. 

GMOs: The Walking Dead of the Food Industry


3 thoughts on “Are You What You Eat?

  1. Reblogged this on midwesternplants and commented:
    This is very scary. These foods are everywhere. Local farmers who plant corn in their field near one of the GMO growers, has the pollen blow in from the GMO field and pollinate the corn, then the big GMO company comes and tests it, saying the farmer stold the corn seeds and sues the farmer. Very sad. Thanks Deardoctormom for this post !

  2. This is why it is becoming almost impossible to find native varieties of Maize that do not contain the GMO genes. It was so irresponsible to propagate something pollinated by the wind. There’s absolutely no way to control where the pollen goes and I believe that this was part of the plan. Get the genes in everyone’s fields and now you own the food supply and can sue everyone who’s growing anything. How could our government have let this happen? I say government because they were the ones that approved and deregulated everything GMO all for the benefit of a few to make money. I wish we could build a time machine, seems it would be the only way to fix GMO cross contamination.

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