Happy Grandparent’s Day!


Grandparents (Photo credit: ☺ Lee J Haywood)

Grandparents Day began with the idea of honoring the elderly and championing the cause of the lonely in nursing and retirement homesMarian McQuade, a housewife from West Virginia, brainstormed the idea, which was later to become a nationally recognized holiday, thanks to Jimmy Carter in 1978.  Now the holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day, in September one of the first holidays of the school year that greatly affects most students.

McQuade, the original founder of Grandparents Day, is the mother of fifteen children, grandmother of forty, and great-grandmother of three.  With so many descendants, she was well aware of the special bond that children should have with their grandparents.  While mothers and fathers are the main source of discipline and example in a child’s life, his or her grandparents have a profound affect on viewpoints.  Without the wisdom of the grandparents, many children today wouldn’t understand what it was like to grow up without the technology and amenities of today’s world and wouldn’t appreciate what they have nearly as much.

Another reason to celebrate our grandparents on Grandparents Day is simply because they help to raise us and shape us into the men and women we will become.  It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, and in many families, grandparents baby-sit and share in the responsibility of “bringing up baby”.  With both parents entering the workforce today, coupled with rising daycare costs, retired grandparents have become perhaps the most dependable source of daily child care, meaning they are becoming more prominent in children’s lives.  And, while they’ve already raised a family of their own, most grandparents are willing and even eager to take part in their grandchildren’s care and development.

Grandparents are extraordinary people.  They have stories to tell that expand our horizons and views of life formed through years of experience that we cannot begin to fathom.  We should feel lucky to benefit from this, and our grandparents feel privileged to be able to share these experiences with us.  Overall, grandparents are a great resource for us, and if we can celebrate mothers and fathers, we can definitely recognize grandparents for their achievements in life.


Encouragement For Parents Of A New Born Baby

Embarrassing parents - swan duckling

Embarrassing parents – swan duckling (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Usually there is very little or no information known to most of the parents at the time of the arrival of their first baby. There are many new questions that come to the mind of the parents of a newly born baby like how to handle their babies first cold, how to make babies sleep, what kind of food is good for them till the age of 6-9 months, how to soothe babies teething pain, signs that tell if the baby is ready for the solid food and why the solid food is not good for them in the initial few months and so on. The list of such questions is endless.

We get a bunch of different advice and opinions on such questions from everyone we talk to and since babies don’t come with a “manual” – it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is. Thus, it is very important that the parents should educate themselves with the right ways or techniques to take care of their newly born babies.

If mom and dad spend significant time holding and connecting with the new baby physically, a strong bond of intuition tends to develop which serves to facilitate communication between the new infant and the parent. This intuition should be encouraged and honed and it can become a very useful tool that the baby can use to “talk” to the parent with only crying as a language. This cry has been studied and experts have found that different cries that the baby uses can tell the parent what the baby needs.

If the new baby cries unreasonably, before panicking  ask “Are you wet, soiled or uncomfortable (check the diaper), too hot, too cold, (the baby’s hands will be hot or cold to tell you this). Are you hungry? (Nurse or feed set amounts of formulas at set intervals). Are you too full and have a tummy ache or bubble? Do you want to be cuddled? Are you tired? (Your shoulder or lap and a rocking chair would get them off to sleep, and when they are sleeping, slowly and smoothly lay them down and cover them in their bed and go get some rest too).

Friends with kids are a great way to learn about what to do. Friends can help take the burden off the new mom by holding and taking care of baby while mom and dad look on and spend time just being together without junior between them. A new baby is an extension of the couple and should be included into the daily routine – not seen as a burden outside of the relationship. The roles of parents are many and varied as time presses itself onto the relationship of a new couple. Parents must step up and be companion, lover, mother, nurse, teacher, sympathizer, hugger, kisser, cheerleader, coach,  the list goes on and on. Never panic,  because somehow we all figure out life as it happens and we do the best we can. Grandparents have a great deal to share and can encourage and offer insights learned from their past. And it all stirs together with a great dollop of kindness – to each other and to ourselves. Take one day at a time and enjoy the ride.

Get Your Child to Listen!

In the Corner. From A Home (26 watercolours)

In the Corner. From A Home (26 watercolours) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Democratic Parenting ebook  is an approach to parenting that is focused on raising a generation of clear thinking children whom are motivated not by fear, doubt nor insecurity, but guided by love, good judgement and respect. The ebook contains an entire system as to how to accomplish this without using coercive, punitive or reward systems.

Democratic parenting is a system that builds trust between you and your child. Creating mutual respect. It’s a complete methodoly. Yet, it’s dynamic enough to fit into any family’s life. Using it, your child is inspired to have good judgment and clear thinking. Behavior improves as your child learns self-discipline through Natural Consequences (chapter 14). Concentration, focus and attention improves through using the methods in the ebook together.

It’s not easy to raise kids – let alone happy kids! With the pressure and challenges that come with our modern world, children face unprecedented challenges today. Yet they are quickly growing and will soon find themselves in a future that we can’t possibly imagine today. How can we best prepare our kids? This ebook helps answer this question. Watch the video below for some example of Democratic Parenting in action.

This ebook is not just for families with behavioral challenges, this ebook is for all parents. It’s a useful reference for all caregivers of children who want to raise a truly empowered next generation. Grandparents, babysitters, nannies and teachers will all find Democratic Parenting of great value and encouragement.